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mental illness abound.

Site Updates


Added 2 more sketches to the sketchbook page, and updated some older additions.


Updated the Menu page.


Added this month's playlist to the Playlists page. Updated the Overwatch shrine, and added new books to the Bookshelf page.


Updated Kiyoshi's shrine, and added more sketches to the Sketchbook.


Added more sketches to the sketchbook page.


Updated Kiyoshi's shrine page with a new image and small design changes.


Added 2 new sketches to the sketchbook, and this month's cover page. Also added this month's playlist.


I added a bunch of fonts and 2 more sketches to the sketchbook.


Uploaded 2 more sketches to the sketchbook, and added a new journal entry. Also added more links to the links page, including a new section for gardening resources.


Added a Playlists page, and updated the Sketchbook with another doodle.


Overhauled the landing page. Added a page for stuff made by me called Creations, and a page for miscellaneous stuff called Menagerie.

Added some writing to the Katamari shrine and Kiyoshi's shrine.


Updated the Bookshelf shrine to add another book, and updated the Fav Media shrine to add more Live Action TV and Films.
Also added a new page called Pixels. All the pixels that I've made that I'm particularly proud of are on the page.


Added a new recipe of my own creation, which can also be found on the links page under recipes and on the kitchen page.

Also added another sketch to the 2024 sketchbook!


Updated the Fav Media shrine to include my fav animation and fav live action, both include films and tv shows.

Updated Sketchbook with more sketches~


Added a new page called Sanctuary.

Basically just an aesthetically pleasing webpage that also has a youtube playlist with silly cute songs.


Added a new page for my sketches done this year. And I finally got the bookshelf page for the books I've read functioning properly. Includes books read in 2022, 2023, and 2024.


Added a links page.


Added a Katamari Damacy page, which can be found in the Fav Media shrine. Also updated my about page to include links to other websites, and added a floating selfie pic.

OMG I added so many floating pics and little images and marquees... Site has had a graphic upgrade. Also I have a guestbook now :3


Added an ACNH page and an Overwatch 2 page, both of which you can find in the Fav Media shrine. Also added more games and anime to Fav Media. And more fanart to the existing DA:I page.


Updated Cosplay Corner to include drag looks and costume makeup, and made some edits to image sizes + page scale. Added another image to Kiyoshi's gallery. Renamed the shrine that was previously called 'Kundalini' to 'Graphics'. Added a Fav Media shrine and added my fav videos game. Also added a shrine page for DA:I, to be found via the Fav Media shrine.

Updated Journal and made a Journal Archive for 2021 posts.


Changed from Christmas theme to a new spacier theme. Not spacious, but nebulous in nature. No, no, I- ...I just used a new space background... Also updated Gidget's shrine page (Pug) again.


Minor coding tweaks, mainly focused on positioning and visibility of links. Updated Gidget's shrine page.


Updated journal, added a dish to the kitchen, + re-coded Kiyoshi's shrine page.


Added more cosplay photos. Updated other shrine pages, including a new photo of Gidget on the Pug shrine page, and new chibi drawings of Kiyoshi.


Updated background + graphics. Added two more dishes to kitchen page. Removed music from journal page and updated journal.


Added another dish + journal entries. Added music to journal page. Enjoy.


"Cooked up some enchiladas!
They're in the kitchen if you want some." -

- Added hover images + one dish.


Added kitchen page + two dishes.


Added journal + shrines page.


Added a landing page + an about page!


Made website~ More to come soon.





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