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2024 Sketchbook

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January Sketches
Jan Sketch 1
Jan Sketch 2
Jan Sketch 3
February Sketches
Feb Sketch 1
Feb Sketch 2
Feb Sketch 3
Feb Sketch 4
Feb Sketch 5
March Sketches
March Sketch 1
March Sketch 2
March Sketch 3
March Sketch 4
March Sketch 5
March Sketch 6
March Sketch 7
April Sketches
Random Magjii for #AliensinApril
Moon Hare for #AliensinApril
Shroomsters for #AliensinApril
Self Buttrait
May Sketches
Angy Selkie
Weird Pose
Cats, a Spider, and Marcel the Shell (with Shoes On)
Seals and Things
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