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Kiyoshi Wakahisa

    AGE- 35
    D.O.B.- December 13th
    ZODIAC- Sagittarius
    RACE- Selkie
    ETHNICITY- Japanese-American
    GENDER- Trans Man
    PRONOUNS- he/him
    SEXUALITY- Bisexual
    OCCUPATION- Accountant,
          previously a Forensic Scientist
          (before he had his psychotic break)


    Grumpy Selkie accountant + trans gay(bi) witch.
    Lover of cats + food.



    - cats
    - reading
    - aliens
    - coffee
    - paranormal studies


    - liars
    - bigots
    - humans
    - salty losers
    - societal expectations

Without a doubt, Kiyoshi is my favorite OC. He is the first OC that I wrote with the intent to help me cope with my mental illnesses.

Kiyoshi is the oldest OC that I still draw and have a story for. He was originally created when I was 17 years old, and I was first getting diagnosed with bipolar disorder and going in and out of the psychiatric hospital.

My first attempt at completing the NaNoWriMo 50k words written in a month challenge was in 2009, and the story centered around Kiyoshi.

I have since heavily modified his story and turned the beginnings of it into a webcomic called magjii.exe, a link to which can be found in the navigation bar above.